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Founders of Sacred Journey


Duane and Sandy’s life journey as care-givers was built upon their shared history of being raised in strong evangelical Christian homes where both sets of parents were either vocational or lay-leaders in their local churches. Their personal journeys of care-giving began as they completed their college degrees in Psychology and Nursing in 1982. The years that followed brought caregiving roles and credentialing for both which includes:
  • a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with additional seminary training (Duane-1985/1994)
  • work in the private healthcare field of Mental Health and Nursing (Sandy-1982-1994)
  • previously licensed as a Professional Counselor in Texas and Colorado for 27 years
  • overseas missionary care-givers with the International Mission Board (IMB-SBC/1994-2002)
  • care-giving roles at the IMB Home Office in Medical and “Member-Care” (2002-2015)
  • Soul Care ministry leadership with IMB as group retreat leaders (2012-present)
  • Completion of a professional certificate in Spiritual Direction (Sandy-2016)
  • Completion of a professional certificate in Soul Care (Duane-2017)
  • Staff Positions as Soul Care Providers at Potter’s Inn Retreat Ministry (2015-2018)

The deep and effective transformation of Duane and Sandy’s own lives over these past 10 years of credentialing and spiritual journey in Soul Care has become the life-giving source of ministry fulfillment longed for over 30 years of vocational Christian ministry. Their strong identification with evangelical Christian missionaries, pastors, and lay leaders forms the foundation for their effectiveness with Christian leaders just like them.  Their equipping for Soul Care roles in care-giving are only exceeded by their passion to see the landscape of evangelical leadership and church be transformed in the United States and around the world. 

Sacred Journey

Soul Care at Sacred Journey reflects the value of a hybrid approach to care from a philosophical and practical perspective. We combine the complementary but differing disciplines of counseling, spiritual direction, coaching, and discipleship.  These similar but different approaches to care are accessed by the Soul Care Provider as appropriate, as need requires, and according to the specific equipping and skill of the provider.  This hybrid allows for a blending of both directive and non-directive approaches to care- sometimes with multiple forms of care in the same session and/or retreat.


One-on-One Soul Care

From the convenience of your own home, soul care sessions can be done via secure, online video conferencing calls.


Group Retreats

Community  is one element of Soul Care that is only available through a group Soul Care retreat at Sacred Journey. The pairing of personal reflection and sharing together in a small group is valuable. 


Personal or Couple Retreats

Choose between a 3-day or a 5-day Soul Care retreat. Both retreat opportunities offer a tailored, personal experience. Decide which one is best for you. 


“In a time of complete ministry burnout, our Soul Care retreat gave us the space and tools to allow the Holy Spirit access to our hurts, failures and successes. As we processed the past and present in light of God’s leading and communication to our hearts, we experienced inner healing. This healing brought freedom and peace, a capacity for a new level of surrender based on a renewal of trust and a deeper understanding of our position in Christ. Learning Soul Care rhythms has awakened in us a greater God-sense throughout the day. It informs our decisions and helps us serve others with our peace intact. It has truly altered the way we approach ministry
life and given us hope of sustainability as we follow God’s leading into the future.”
Retreat Participant

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