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Soul Care at Sacred Journey reflects the value of a hybrid approach to care from a philosophical and practical perspective. We combine the complementary but differing disciplines of counseling, spiritual direction, coaching, and discipleship.  These similar but different approaches to care are accessed by the Soul Care Provider as appropriate, as need requires, and according to the specific equipping and skill of the provider.  This hybrid allows for a blending of both directive and non-directive approaches to care- sometimes with multiple forms of care in the same session and/or retreat.

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Individual Soul Care Sessions

Duane and Sandy, as a Soul Care Provider and a trained Spiritual Director respectively, offer care in one-on-one sessions.  Although specifically trained in Counseling and Spiritual Direction, they blend as able the four disciplines noted for what we call “Soul Care Sessions”.  These individual or couple sessions are also available via video-conferencing as an alternative to face-to-face, in-person sessions.

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Soul Care Intensive

5-Day Personal or Couple Retreat

This is a comprehensive, 360-degree look at a retreatants’ life journey- past, present, and future.  The initial two days are spent hearing the retreatants’ life story in their own words. Guidance is given as to how to strategically format the telling- insuring that significant life-forming events, relationships, and themes are highlighted for examination and reflection. The middle of the week is devoted to identifying current-day concerns and issues which may be linked to the revealed themes of the past formation journey.  By the end of the week, focus is shifted to longings and desires for the future journey.  For many, identifying and owning personal desires and longings is not easy but no less a value of God. God gives these personal desires and longings for both personal fulfillment of an individual’s gifting but also for the celebration of God’s goodness to us all. The 5-day personal retreat spans five full days and six nights. One-on-one session times is three hours each morning for a total of fifteen hours of scheduled, structured care.  The week of care is fee-based at one price for the week.

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3-Day Personal or Couple Retreat

This retreat is guided like the 5-day retreat but this one provides less structure and encourages a tailoring-model of focus and number of care hours.  This retreat model can be easily focused by the retreatant on specific historical, current, or future concerns; however, fewer issues of concern are able to be addressed due to the shorter time frame of retreat.  This retreat is less costly and is many times the retreat of choice due to budget concerns.  This retreat is also fee-based at one price for the number of days and hours of care needed.

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“Journey to the Soul”
Soul Care Retreat

4-Day Small Group Retreat

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More about the 5-day and 3-day Retreats

Both of these personal retreats, while focusing on specific “issues” of concern, also have elements of Spiritual Formation exposure and training.  Throughout the retreat- beginning on the first day and ending on the last- retreatants are invited to limited reading assignments on the basics of slowing, silence, and solitude as well as other skill-based spiritual practices that offer an on-ramp to transformation as they leave the retreat and seek to employ these skills in their usual life. 

      The 5-day and 3-day retreats are offered in a setting where silence, solitude, and beauty are easily accessible.  The 5-day retreat provides the maximal opportunity for depth and breadth of reflection and experiential learning.  In most cases, retreatants are not able to “come down” quickly from the frenetic busy-ness they have left behind.  Some take as many as 2-3 days before they find themselves entering well the rhythm of slowing and deep reflection. The 5-day retreat gives the best opportunity for truly “retreating” for the benefit of change and transformation.

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